…From Kim

Hello! My name is Kim…owner of Message Matters and lover of video production.

A video production is about many things: lighting, photography, special effects, and of course, interviews.  In order for people to sit in front of a video camera and tell their story, they have to be comfortable. I have 35+ years of experience in doing just that… making people comfortable enough to share their experiences about a school or company they appreciate.

I take those interviews and weave them together, with all the supporting video, to share the messages my clients want to present. Throughout this process I work with wonderfully creative editors and photographers who understand the importance of getting it right the first time and focusing on the special characteristics of an institution that make it what it is.

We favor a documentary style that conveys unscripted sincere comments from well-chosen representatives. Throughout the project, we thrive on getting our clients’ feedback and guidance. In fact, we send our clients copies of everything we shoot, which we have found actually speeds up our script approval process.

I developed my team during 20 years as Vice President, then President, of VIDEC Inc., a company that specialized in working with education clients across the country.  My clients tell me that one of my best abilities is keeping the “big picture” firmly in sight while still paying attention to the tiniest detail that can enhance (or derail!) a video presentation. As a result, I’ve had the privilege of working with the same clients over many years of collaboration on dozens of projects.

I’d love to work with you!