Education Videos

At Message Matters, we provide a variety of videos for our educational clients. Here’s a brief overview of the types of videos we can provide to our educational clientele.

1. Video Visit: a broad-brush overview of your institution, with a number of interviews from current students and faculty. This presentation includes lot of visuals of campus, academic situations, residential life scenes, facilities and athletics. It is designed to encourage students to “take the next step”: seek more information, visit, apply. Schools also use these presentations for faculty recruiting.

2. Video Vignettes: highly focused, topical, short video presentations designed to be viewed on the web. These projects take less time to shoot, produce and edit, and can serve as an economical way for schools to take the plunge into video production.

3. Admitted Student Presentations: a more personal, “slice of life” presentation for prospective students who already have gained some knowledge of your institution and have been admitted to your school. These productions address the issue of “will I fit in here?” in a casual yet meaningful way.

4. Campaign/Fundraising Presentations: versatile presentations that can be used in many ways, including campaign kick-offs, direct mail, as a “scene-setter,” as an information vehicle. We plan for ways to easily update the presentations as campaigns evolve over time.

5. Image Presentations: productions viewed by a wide-ranging audience that address fundamental aspects of the institution… who are we, what do we stand for, what are we known for?

6. Interactive campus maps: an online way for all audiences to learn about the facilities available on a campus. Of course, as we are “Message Matters,” our interactive maps are far more than just a campus tour. We blend in interviews with students, faculty and administrators about their personal experiences and the value they’ve gained from being there.