FAQ Fridays

How do I budget for a video?

Best advice: just call us to discuss what you’re thinking about creating! It takes a conversation to uncover some of the most important information we need to create a ballpark budget.  After talking with you, we will give you an estimate based on several factors, including

  • the number of days we will plan to shoot
  • the number of times we will travel to your destination
  • the anticipated length of the finished product

We know that plans also change in mid-stream, so we’ll tell you up-front how to budget if you want to add days of shooting, length to the video, etc.  Our goal is to never surprise you about a budget item! If/when you talk with other video production companies, don’t accept a generic budget based on “dollars/minute” of production.  A good production company will want to ask you lots of questions to get to know your institution’s or company’s needs to tailor the budget estimate specifically to you.