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Why MM?

Let’s say the admissions office of a university or a day school needs a presentation that speaks to prospective students and their parents, the development office wants a video to take “on-the-road” to show to potential donors, and maybe the marketing/communications office wants to utilize video in an interactive campus map for all audiences…

Instead of going with three different companies, it’s far more cost effective to combine resources and work with Message Matters. We collaborate with you to strategically plan the various messages you want to convey and the people and visuals to best portray them. We shoot and catalog these various video “assets” in ways that allow them to be re-purposed, time and again, in ways that fit the intended audience.

With 20+ years of experience, we know how to interview presidents and we know how to talk to ninth grade boarding school students. We know our way around college campuses and can advise you on how to schedule the most productive day of shooting to fit your needs. We understand the content that needs to be included in effective presentations tailored to specific audiences.

We can guide you on the appropriate length of video presentations and recommend ways to put your presentation in the hands of viewers via smartphones. No matter how you distribute your story, we always keep in mind that it’s the message that matters.

Message Matters grew out of a previously established company, called VIDEC, which was known for producing and distributing recruiting and fundraising video presentations for colleges, universities, and college preparatory schools. VIDEC was the creator of the “Campus Video Visit” – a term we coined to describe in-depth, content-laden video presentations distributed directly to the homes of prospective students and their parents.